Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Haiuroa (Wellbeing)

The image below symbolises how each Haiuora effects me in my everyday life.

The first one is me going to Church. That relates to Spiritual (Taha Wairua) and Social (Taha Whanau) because I'm praying to God.
The second one is playing rugby. Play rugby relates to Physical (Taha Tinana) and Social (Taha Whanau) because I'm playing with my friends.
The third one is kicking back with the boys. This relates to Social (Taha Whanau) because
I'm playing with my mates.
The last one is playing sports. This relates to Mental/Emotional (Taha Hineengaro) because it me happy


Vaifoa said...

Greetings Kolio

I'd like to say that you've done a phenomenal job with your Hauora presentation/google drawing for Health. You've put in a lot of effort into your work and Ideally think that is a fantastic improvement towards your learning! Well done indeed. I see that you've included "playing rugby" as part of your physical well being and I can clearly see that you enjoy playing sports as well as I do :) Nice work!

Sincerely, Vaifoa

Georgia Dougherty said...

Hey Kolio, thank you for putting an effort to create a Drawing when you couldn't create a PowToon - hopefully we can get it working for you later in the year :) I laughed at your social picture, very funny and clever. As Vaifoa has said, you have taken time to create this and really thought about your Hāuora and wellbeing. What do you think you still need help with? Miss D

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