Sunday, 20 April 2014

Snails House

I am learning to write a explanation on a chosen topic                  
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Snail Picture
Snails House
A snail lives in a shell. The shell is on them when they are born but it is small so they grow each day.The shell is on its back so the snail carries it everywhere. Some of the shell’s is spiral like a cone or tornado.To access the shell the snail has to cuddle up into to a spiral. A snail takes slow because of its house.

When a snail is scared and want to hide from predators the snail hides in it’s small Snail Picture house. A snail's shell is strong for an insect but for humans they can be easily crushed. A snail’s shell is not the same as a crabs or turtle.

No two species of a snail having the exactly the same colour or shape of the shell. Some shells are usually brown therefore a snail can go in it’s house and can use the shell to camouflage in the dirt. Most snails has other coloured like bright yellow, red , and orange for designs.  

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