Friday, 26 June 2015

Trust Challenge

In preparation for our outdoor adventure next week at M.E.R.C. we had a class challenge.
There was two simple and hard challenges we had to all face.

First the whole entire class was split up with names. You were either named one or two. Each number had a very important job in this challenge.
The ones were known as the instructors and the twos were now known as the followers.
The follower had to squeeze in between the instructors so that every follower had a instructor in front of them. The follower had to put one hand on the instructor in front of them with there eyes closed. The task is for the instructors to guide the followers through the pathway to the School Gate safely by giving them instructions.

Once everyone had arrived at the gate the roles of each person changed. So now the followers become the instructors and the instructors become the followers. The instructors now have to guide the followers back to the classroom but the instructors can pick their route to the classroom. The instructor were not allowed through the parking lot, the junior or senior playground or any restricted areas around the school.

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