Monday, 29 June 2015

My Special Place

In my heart there is place I always think about wherever I go. Never in the world there is a place like this, a place like home! None can duplicate my special place in Glen Innes.

Yes people can say there home is the “best” but I say mine is the best. Why you say because that’s where my brother’s, sister’s, my mother and father stay at and the only place they stay at. You could say your family stay at your home but if you could make history in the house like my family then your home is special as well.

Drawing of all sort’s of thing’s are gratified on the wall of my home. Name’s and pictures is all you could see. There’s no walls just a canvas with paint and ink splashed onto them. My home is like a museum of painting or I like to call it “The Wall Of Fame”.

Three rooms, one bathroom, one toilet, one kitchen and one living room that’s why I love it because it just perfect. My family is happy with where we live. “Many people say to me your house is HUGE!” I just say its average for me and my family.

I love my home and there is another place like it so I thank the builder’s and everyone that was involved with building my home and God and his loving son.

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